Long Range Distribution is a distribution company based in Detroit, Michigan, USA offering distribution to a base of stores in the upper midwest as well as other areas in the world. Although focusing on hip hop and urban music styles we will consider all styles of music. Formats distributed include CD, 12", VHS, & DVD.

LRD distributes product to music retail outlets, as well as selling at various concerts and online. All distribution deals must be exclusive in the Great Lakes area. We can handle your photography, graphics, CD manufacturing, marketing elements like posters, flyers, stickers, t-shirts, snippets banners, mastering and websites. We distribute only top notch music with high quality presentation. We assist you in your marketing with promotions going to each store as well as concert and street distribution.

Companies or artists wanting to submit music should send advance copy of their CD along with picture, art to:

Long Range Distribution
780 Spencer
Detroit, MI 48220

Please include phone number.

Allow 2-7 days for review.


If you've been in contact with a LRD representative by phone or email you may fill out and submit requested product by clicking the below file:

Download: Doc file or PDF file