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V/A - "2001: A Rhyme Odyssey" CD Compilation

Dope true-school compilation w/ Common, High & Mighty, Big L, DJ Premier, Dialated Peoples, etc.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Aberfoyle Springs Compilation Volume 1" CD Compilation

22 track Comp CD w/ Rok One, Celph Titled, DutchMassive, Mars iLL, Sev Statik, Mcenroe, Anonymous Twist, Storm the Unpredictable, Angle, Logic, Classified, Braille, Red Cloud, Dirt, Apathy, Tack Fu, etc.)

(CD: $10.00 USA)(CD: $15.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Aberfoyle Springs Compilation Vol. 2: Well Flavoured Essentials" CD Compilation

19 track Comp CD w/ Scienz of Life, Atoms Family, Celph Titled, Braille, Lexicon, LoDeck, Storm the Unpredictable, Sixtoo, Sev Statik,etc.

(CD: $10.00 USA)(CD: $15.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Bare Skin " CD Compilation

20 track Comp CD (w/ 7L & Esoteric, C Rayz Walz, Celph Titled & Apathy, LoDeck, Fermented Reptile, Prophetix, Jeff Spec, etc.)

(CD: $10.00 USA)(CD: $15.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Black Sunz" CD Compilation

24 track Comp CD w/ Anonymous Twist, Celph Titled, DJ Moves feat. Sixtoo, Kotep Omegatron, Mind Bender, Knowself, Jugga ( the bully ), Moka Only, The Goods, Spontaneous, Paul The Apostle ( aka Governor Bolts ), Sethro, Tachichi, Bird Apres, Tack Fu, etc.

(CD: $10.00 USA)(CD: $15.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Central Standards (A Strange Melodic Shape)"" CD Compilation

Some of the sickest instrumental tracks since RJD2 and DJ Shadow. Do not sleep on Austin TX best hip hop instrumentalists

(CD: $15.00 USA)

(CD: $21.00 Overseas)


V/A - "Chicago Project" CD Compilation

Massive Chicago hip hop compilation like no other before it, w/Qwel, Juice, Verbal Kent, Capital D of All Natural, The Opus, Earatik Statik, Lord 360, Thawfor, Puertochinko, Mic One & More

(CD: $15.00 USA)

(CD: $21.00 Overseas)


V/A - Diesel Compilation - w/ Xzibit, Redman, Kool Kieth, The Pharcyde, Funkdoobiest, Volume 10, Masta Ace, Beenie Man, Kool G Rap, Large Professor, Hittman, Pep Love, etc
(CD: $15.00 USA)

(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

V/A - Evil Is... Vol 2 CD OUT NOW
Called The Best Horrorcore Rap Compilation by many, This series of albums will uncover many new killer artists as well as some of the most revered artists in the Genre. Ever Horrorcore fan should own this album.
with Bedlam, Mastamind, Walter Molder, Myzery, Lavel, Cap One, Mars, Malice, ADR Lavey, Insane Poetry, Killa C, Shy One, Dramadeus, KGP & Stitchmouth, Bloodshot, Trajik, Rags, Intrinzik, Emerg Mc Vay, Three One Se7en, Caligula, Komatoze, etc
(CD: $13.00 USA)

(CD: $18.00 Overseas)


V/A - "Evil Is... Vol 1" CD Compilation

Featuring Lavel w/Mastamind, 2 Sins, Halfbreed, Bedlam, Jadius, Sinister X, Sycksyde,Castro the Savage, Q-Strange, Motown Rage, Jack Hearst of Nightmare killaz, Sadist, Kardiac, Insane Poetry, The Killaz, Hyzteria, & Torchur of Phantazm. Called "One of the Best Horrorcore Compilations Ever" by Kill Musick FREE STICKER WITH ORDER WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

(CD: $14.00 USA)(CD: $20.00 Overseas)

The Free Design "The Now Sound Redesigned" CD w/Madlib, Belle & Sebastian’s Chris Geddes, Danger Mouse & Murs, Caribou (formerly Manitoba), Stereolab & the High Llamas, Kid Koala with Beastie Boys/Modest Mouse remixer Dynomite D., Morr Music’s Styrofoam with Sarah Shannon (formerly of Velocity Girl), & Stones Throw artists Koushik & Dudley Perkins.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)

V/A - Frequent Flyers Compilation

w/L.I.F.E. Long, Jak Progresso, Brix, Icon The Mic King, Rae, Many Styles, etc.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $18.00 Overseas)

V/A - A Guide to Burning Bridges Compilation w/ Slug (Atmosphere), Mac Lethal, Icon The Mic King, JDWalker, Josh Martinez (anticon), K-The-I, Ahmuse, Escape Artists, etc.

(CD: $14.00 USA)(CD: $20.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Killa Beats Vol. 3" Original Beats You Can Rap To" CD Compilation SOLD OUT

Beats to rap to by EC Illa aka Whitefolks. Chicago's sick producer/MC. Original Beats You Can Rap To! Midwest/South style gangsta beats. Perfect for demos, performances, blunt sessions, hotel parties, and BBQs. ANY ONE THAT RAPS OR FREESTYLES WILL EAT THIS UP!!

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Listen - Hip Hop" CD Compilation

w/Non-Phixion, Del, Rob Swift, Handsome Boy Modeling School, The Coup, etc.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Long Beach City Limites" CD Compilation

Long beach represents lovely with Foesum, Daz, Tha Mexicanz, E White, The Twinz, RBZ, PSC, etc.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Love & Loyalty " CD Compilation

Lo Life family comilation. They Stealin! Featuring Thirstin Howl, Rack Lo, and more.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

V/A - Maelstrom - Drum & Bass - Hip Hop MIx (w/ Sage, Hive, Freestyle Fellowship, T.C. Izlam, JuJu, etc.)

(CD: $16.00 USA)(CD: $22.00 Overseas)

V/A - "The Michigame Chronicles" CD Compilation

Kalamazoo, MIchigan represents fully on this compilation of street rap & hip hop. Led by Jak "Da Mak" Frozt, the comilation features, Mic Mich, Ted Blunt, B-Dub, Prophet, Rebel 02, Blakseez, Ed Genesis, King James, Ruggid Fam, Nigga-Nile-Flo, G-Flox, & more

(CD: $15.00 USA)

(CD: $21.00 Overseas)


V/A - "Mitten Militia Mixtape" CD Compilation

Featuring S.U.N., Proof of D12, AML, Tasherre, 5 Ela, Slum Village w/ Phat Kat, The Lyricists, Starving Artists Crew, Royce Da 5'9, Finale, Nick Speed, PMC, Invinicible, Lawless Element, Illite, Dubphonics, etc.

(CD: $13.99 USA)(CD: $18.99 Overseas)

V/A - "Old Trolls, New Bridges" CD Compilation

w/ tracks by Cannibal Ox, LoDeck, Breez Evahflowin, Mac Lethal, Ace Lover, Rc, Big Deep, etc.

(CD: $14 USA)(CD: $20 Overseas)

V/A - "Outta Da D - A Compilation of Today's Hottest R&B" CD Compilation

From The Dramatics' Winzell Kelly, Spencer Mims, and Kris Kelly, Ever Reel Productions put forth some of the cities smoothest sounds with Winzell Kelly of The Dramatics, Deion Lucas of 7 Mile, Damyhn Elliot, Crystal Lucas, & Alexander Swade.

(CD: $14 USA)(CD: $20 Overseas)

V/A - The 7 Deadly Sins Comp "w/Bob E Nite, Q-Strange, Menacide, II Rel, etc"

(CD: $12.00 USA)(CD: $17.99 Overseas)

V/A - "Sharewarez" CD Compilation

"Variety is the main reason Sharewarez is an interesting and compelling listen. If you're frustrated with scouring the Internet to find the latest in obscure electronic music, take heart -- you'll find a song to fit your every mood and musical taste on Sharewarez, neatly wrapped up in one tidy bundle." - Splendid E-Zine. The CD feat. Suisse Modular, Sample The Martian, säh, The Grand Devious & more


(CD: $12.00 USA)

(CD: $21.00 Overseas)


V/A - "The Traditional Rap Tour" CD Compilation

Featuring Camp Lo, Heiroglyphics, Grand Agent, Thirstin Howl, Greans, Tajai, Mark Spitz, etc.

(CD: $10.00 USA)(CD: $15.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Untying Lost Souls" CD Compilation

Featuring OneManArmy (of Binary Star), S.U.N., Spitball, Sample The Martian, Heiruspecs (Atmosphere's backing band), Deck Master D (SwitchStance), Darkstarz, Intricate Dialect, Abstrakt Intellkt, and more. Massive collection of new and unreleased material from some of the Midwest's most innovative boundry-pushers in hip hop.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

V/A - "The Voices Of Urban Renewal" CD Compilation

Dope true-school compilation with Mos Def, Rahzel, King Britt, Chuck D, etc

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Weightless Recordings Presents "More Music, Less Bullshit"

w/ Blueprint, Illogic, Jakki The Motarmouth, Envelope, Greenhouse Effect, Zero Star,.

(CD: $10.00 USA)(CD: $16.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Well Connected" CD Compilation

Flint hardest hitting producer known for his work with Dayton Family, Breed, Jake The Flake, and others puts forth this killer compilation with songs by MC Breed, The Dayton Family, Top Authority, Astray, Jake The Flake, etc.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

V/A - "What About Us" CD Compilation

Featuring Blackalicious, Spearhead, and more.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)

V/A - "Where's The Beef? presented byIIE" CD Compilation

Horrorcore Rap beefs EP w/ Cap One, Castro The Savage, .etc.

(CD: $9.00 USA)(CD: $15.00 Overseas)
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