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I.T.- “Low Income Housing" CD

Thaione Davis & Infinito join forces on this dope hip hop album.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $20.00 Overseas)


Icepick Willie - "Tales Of Woe" CD AUDIO SAMPLER

Horrorcore from Sycksyde member.... w/Bob E Nite, Menacide, Torchur, Ensizion, Bad Mind, etc.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)


iCON the Mic King- “Intricate Spectrum EP" CD

Hailed as a cult classic Intricate Spectrum marks iCON the Mic King's first offical professionally pressed CD release. Nine solo tracks (unless you count Godamus Rhyme's hook on "From Dusk til Dawn") with production from Varick Pyr (Sage Francis), Burnso (Jus Allah, Dos Noun), Chum the Skrilla Guerilla (Apathy, LoDeck), and more. Complete with an enhanced CD featuring lyrics, videos, and wallpapers.

(CD: $10.00 USA)(CD: $17.00 Overseas)


Ide The Shanty One- "Force Fed" CD

w/Ug of Cella Dwellas, Mista Sinista of X-ecutioners, Savage Messiah of Scienz Of Life, L.I.F.E. Long, Alucard, Rae, etc.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)

Ide The Shanty One- "Divine Kingdom" CD

Dw/Shabaam Sadeeq, L.I.F.E. Long, Jak Progresso, Alucard, Savage Messiah (Scienz of Life) etc..

(CD: $10.00 USA)(CD: $16.00 Overseas)

Identical - "Welcome Ta Inksta" CD

Detroits wildest westside neighborhood will have you replaying the tracks and seeing doulbe. This twin brother duo bring the heat on this full album.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)

Ignited.- “"Through The Flames Of My Soul" CD w/Mars, Marflow, II Rel, J-Reno aka Sadist

Chicago's own Ignited drops heat for the underground. w/Mars, Marflow, II Rel, J-Reno aka Sadist

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $20.00 Overseas)


Ill Bill - "Ill Bill Is The Futurel" CD SOLD OUT

Non-Phixion's sickest mind. A truely ill cd. don't sleep. w/El-P, Necro, The Beatnuts, Carnage, Goretex, Mr Hyde, etc.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Ill Bill - "What's Wrong With Ill Bill" CD SOLD OUT

Non-Phixion's sickest mind. A truely ill cd. don't sleep.Necro Production!!!

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Ill Bill - "What's Wrong With Ill Bill" CD INSTRUMENTALS

Non-Phixion's sickest mind. A truely ill cd. don't sleep. Necro Production!!!

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Ill P.O.E. & DJ Shoba - "A Hard Nights Day" CD

Loonatix recording artis w/ Professor Fresh, Cause & Effect, Kali Quotes,and more.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Illanotix - "Killa Products" CD

Chicago crew puts it down lyrically w/Longshot, Sick Cell, etc.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

IIlogic / DJ Przm- "The Off The Clock EP" CD
This 8 track EP is a banger. a must for fans of Illogic, Spitball, etc. Columbus hip hop is some next shit! Includes "Off the Clock", "Like Us", "Everybody", "Ill Rediculous", Gif O Gab" and more...

(CD: $7.99 USA)(CD: $14.99 Overseas)

Impervious- "Machine Gun Raps EP " CD
This 7 track EP features Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, P-Love & Shellshock. Dope.

(CD: $11.00 USA)

(CD: $17.00 Overseas)


Infinito 2017 - "Roddny Dangrr Fild"" CD
w/ Psalms One of Rhymesayers, Insight, Soul Child, Fat Nice, etc. Dope Chicago hip hop artist with much to say about human rights, politics, and the black american experience.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $20.00 Overseas)

Infinito 2017 - "Music with Sound Right Reasoning" CD
Dope Chicago hip hop artist with much to say about human rights, politics, and the black american experience. Molemen production. Longtime Nacro affiliate Infinito teamed up with beatsmiths Memo, Mixx Massacre, & Yoda to deliver a fine dish of urban music. Infinito catches many people off guard with realistic illustrations of the struggles of African-Americans, society, and politics. He always brings something new to the listener and demands his respect. His delivery is colorful and soulful, and his passion is apparent on every song. He is also an established painter, graphic designer, and producer, and MWSRR is the best gaze into the mind of an artist who defines creativity as whole.

(CD: $13.99 USA)(CD: $18.99 Overseas)

The Infantry - "Vol.1" CD

19 tracks of gangsta madness from Benton Harbors hardest trio. Composed of 3 members Jinx, C-note, JD. They bring it to your frontdoor with a very original regional sound. Guests include Larry Boyz, Lil-1, Fella, Wata, Polo, D.G., Houston, Ghetto E, and more...

(CD: $15.00 USA)

(CD: $21.00 Overseas)


Insane Poetry - "Blacc Plague" CD (reissue/new tracks) CD
Cyco brings the classic horror raps and adds some treats and remixes. new cover art.
(CD: $12.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)

Insane Poetry - "Cyco: The Snuff Reels" CD
Cyco brings the classic horror raps and Sutter Kain's Production is brutal!!!! this CD is ferrocious!
(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Insane Poetry - "Fallen From Grace" CD
The legendary underground rap act, Insane Poetry, first hit the national hip hop scene in the early 90’s with the hit single “How You Gonna Reason With A Psycho” and the album “Grim Reality” on NastyMix Records (home to Sir Mix-A-Lot and others). As one of the very first to mix blunted funk loops with imagery found in horror movies they predating labels like “horrorcore rap” and “acid rap”, their debut was well received with critical acclaim from many of the biggest music magazines, national video play and respectable promotional campaign, selling 35,000 in total. The group went on to release "Blacc Plague", an EP entitled "Let Em Know”, appeared on M-Boogie's "Laid In Full" and DJ Revolution's "R2K,” a single with Dilated People’s Iriscience, appeared on Long Range’s Evil Is… v1 & v2 and dropped their album "Faith In Chaos". Their latest “Fallen From Grace" is a tour de force of the groups pioneer sound with slamming tracks like “Murderland”, “Kill You”, “Can You Feel My Pain”, and 15 more. Cyco’s menacing voice matched with the hard hitting futuristic funk production of Jason “JP” Pearl create a fierce and streamlined attack for a brilliant new album from these 2 masters.
(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Insane Poetry - "Fatih In Chaos" CD
The wicked west's Cyco, JP, and fam dope this sik horrorcore classic. Don't sleep on this one. Legendary!!!!.
(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Intrinzik- "Fallguy: The Ressurection" CD+Bonus CD
Dope new Intrinzik & Fallguy material w/Proof D12, Big B, Axe Murder Boyz, Jason Porter, Virus, Saint Sinna & Daniel Jordan, McNastee, etc.
(CD: $13.99 USA)(CD: $19.99 Overseas)
Intrinzik- "My Favorite Album" CD/DVD
19 tracks including his best with Fallguy, Seperated at Birth and solo... w/Proof D12, Cappadonna (wutang), Big B (KMK), McNastee, etc.
(CD: $13.99 USA)(CD: $19.99 Overseas)
Intrinzik- "Tricks of the Trade" CD
14 brand new tracks featuring Cappadonna from Wu Tang, Phunk Junkeez, Menacide, Jason Porter, McNastee and moer!
(CD: $13.99 USA)(CD: $18.99 Overseas)
Intrinzik- "DoubleU I Double L" CD LRD REPRESS
AZ's most murderous lyricist! The debut album from emcee from Phoenix. After being the front man for FallGuy for a couple years, Intrinzik finally decided to put his lyrical talent to use in the rap industry. Expect the unexpected when it comes to INT!
(CD: $13.99 USA)(CD: $18.99 Overseas)
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