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G.A.N. - "2-4-15"

Flint gangsta shit from these pioneers. album number 3. get your dope here.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)

G-Beanz "Lights Out" CD

G-Beanz of White Noize... w/Trajik, etc.

(CD: $14.99 USA)(CD: $20.99 Overseas)

Greg "G-Rock" Sanders "Back 2 Bassixx" CD

This is pure hybrid bass funk made for earth by renowned bassist Greg "G-Rock" Sanders of Gorilla Funk Mob. You need this!!

(CD: $11.99 USA)(CD: $18.99 Overseas)

The Game "YouKnowWhatTimeItIs"

This is that hard to find Game Album you been lookin for!! hot shit!

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)

Game Insane "Brainstorm" w/Mastamind of Natas, etc.

Cali crews latest with Mastamind of Natas, etc

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $20.00 Overseas)

Game Insane "Trunk Tight EP"

Release number 2 from these cali geez

(CD: $10.00 USA)(CD: $16.00 Overseas)

Game Insane "Game Insane"

The first release from Cali's 3 man crew.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Ghetto Devil "The Director's Kutt" SOLD OUT

UNLV's member drops a wicked solo debut.
(CD: $30.00 USA)(CD: $38.00 Overseas)

Ghost Fleet- "Conspiracy Theory"

With Marz, Bio Killaz, 5 Finger Mafia, and Lori Fiore.This is a dopeLA rap group with sick beats and crazy lyrics. Industrial rap with killer ambient instrumentals, executed from a specter's point of view observing and analyzing real day to day situations surrounding the lives of Ghost Fleet.

(CD: $12.00 USA)(CD: $18.00 Overseas)

Glue - "Seconds Away"

Adeem, Maker, & DJ DQ of The Animal Crackers. Dope Indie hip hop!!!

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Gluehed - "Victory Welfare"

Insane raps from GLuehed. The underground never sounded so strange! Tracks like "12 Gauge Dildo", "What I Rap About" and more... feat. Crakd & D-Raynged, Renigade & Freaks.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)


Goldie Loc of The Eastsidaz- "Loc'ed Out"

West Coast is in the house with this fequent Snoop Dogg Collaborator!

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Gorilla Funk Mob - "Project: Lyrical Initiative EP" LIVE CD

The Gorilla Funk Mob is a new hybrid hip hop band, arriving at a time when far too many emcees rock the show to a CD, and not even a DJ. Mixing and fusing the elements of straight ahead funk, breakbeat, fusion jazz, and hip hop music. This CD captures the crew at their essence fronted by MCs S.U.N., Mic Mich and Exiled. Grab this limited edition blast of real music.

(CD: $12.00 USA)

(CD: $18.00 Overseas)


Goretex of Non-Phixion - "Art of Dying" Necro Production! SOLD OUT

sick solo debut from one of the illest crews on the east coast.

(CD: $13.00 USA)

(CD: $19.00 Overseas)


Gortex of Non-Phixion - "Art of Dying INSTRUMENTALS" Necro Production!

All Necro beats. Buy this to freestyle to or just zone out. sick sick beats!!!!!!

(CD: $13.00 USA)

(CD: $19.00 Overseas)


Grand Buffet- "Pitsburgh Hearts" CD

This east coast crew mixes intelligent hip hop stylings with a humor all their own. Their 3rd cd includes the classic tracks "Stocking Stuffer", "Fun As Hell", "Don't Kill Yourself, Thrill Yourself", "Benjamin Franklin Music" & more.

(CD: $12.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Grand Buffet- "Cigarette Beach" CD

This east coast crew mixes intelligent hip hop stylings with a humor all their own. Their 2nd cd includes the classic tracks "Barbecue Gloves," "Oh my god you're weird," "intruder Excluder," "Chew On A Rubber!" & more.

(CD: $12.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Grand Buffet- "Sparkle Classic" CD

This east coast crew mixes intelligent hip hop stylings with a humor all their own. Their 1st cd includes the classic tracks "Deep Dish Danger," "Sgt. Rock's Green Boot Bounce," "Special Powers" & more.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Greenhouse Effect vs Radiohead" CD

(CD: $10.00 USA)(CD: $16.00 Overseas)

Greenhouse Effect - "Life Sentences" CD

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Grewsum- " Darkflow 2.0" w/Kutt Calhoun, Snug Brim, 3rd Degree, BG Bulletwound, etcCD

(CD: $12.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)

Grim Reality "Now Or Never" CD w/ Dice, J-Bone, Madd Kapp, Papa Drama, etc.

(CD: $13.00 USA)(CD: $19.00 Overseas)

Grim Reality Entertainment "Corporate Takeover" CD w/ Insane Poetry, Scum, Bloodshot, Freaks, Dark Lyricist, etc.

(CD: $15.00 USA)(CD: $21.00 Overseas)

Grouch - "Project Life" CD

One of Detroit's street legends, formerly of seminal group Triplex, Grouch spits vibrant tales of trife life in the Brewster Projects of Detroit. His remake of Kool G Rap & Polo's "Streets of New York" here called "Streets of Detroit" is a banger that you must hear. A raw murderous album.
(CD: $15.00 USA)

(CD: $21.00 Overseas)


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